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Dani-tech participates in this years IFAT trade fair in Munich

It is the first time that we are participating in this fair, but we have been in this business for over 20 years .

We have over the years developed solutions with hydraulics and electronics integrated with software dedicated to waste management. Customers are both from domestic and abroad and we have won them through good network in the industry.

This positive development we would like to develop further and therefore it is natural for us to participate at the fair and showing what we can.

IFAT trade fair is celebrating its 50th anniversary and is the largest trade show in environmental technologies and attracts thousands of visitors.




Dani-tech news

HP news ISO certificering Accu unit
Product news from HP Hydraulic Dani-tech - now also with
ISO 14001 Certificate
Accu unit
HP is a strong and innovative manufacturer of hydraulic motors and pumps with belonging controllers, presenting the latest product upgrades and product news from their product portfolio. After we became ISO 9001 certified, we felt a need for an environmental certification, because nature and our environment is our concern - it is for us essential, because in the same time a big part of our customers are producing machines for this branch and we help them produce more environmental friendly machines. If there is no power close by, or you just want an extra function at an existing installation, here is an easy solution.

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