Dinoil ByWire

Customized solutions can be developed on re-quest.ByWire is a unique evolution within the manifold system field.It consists in interfacing a unit manufactured according to therequirements of the machine circuit with mass-produced standardelements. In order to hold down load losses all exchangesand compensations take place within the body rather than in acartridge.

Compared to standard solutions, the system provides:

limited load losses;
system flexibility;
dramatic coupling reduction;
dramatic reduction of size and weight.

Dinoil forside

The standard elements, normally meantfor the moving functions, are fittedwith specific equipment of the dedicatedfunction, such as check valves, relief valves,flow regulators and so on.The project is continually being expanded,but it already comprises a large number ofcircuit conditions within flow rates equal to150 lit/min per function.In detail, mixed units have been specificallydesigned for applications on agriculturalmachinery, mobile machinery, municipal vehicles,lifting machinery, earth moving andindustrial applications.

Dinoil, part of Bondiolo & Pavesi.



Dani-tech Open 2015

Dani-techs annual Golf event was held on june 19. with about 60 participants. The game was approached professional in an outstanding game with room for the casual.

Look around the gallery , as you can seen we enjoyed ourselves and we look forward to seeing you and hopefully more participants next year.
See more pictures from Dani-tech Open 2015 here

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